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Roboy Slips 1

الأحد, يوليو 26th, 2009

Hello everybody :)

Recently, i started to write some comic stories in fares algad                       (فارس الغد)magazine, a magzine that takes care of childern and thier community.

A funny yet useful story, starring Robay,  A robot that alwayes makes  slips with English words in familier occasions.

Dears, kindly read the flowing story and tell me what you think about roboy slip for this time. :)

Roboy on the following day of school … is not just a story, it is my first publications D:  ! I am realy happy with it … and waiting the day when my publications  are far from being counted :)

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Or right click here to download


May You Be Blessed

الإثنين, يونيو 15th, 2009

This meditative Flash movie is calming, thought-provoking, encouraging, and inspiring. The accompanying ethereal music adds to the experience that is made up of beautiful photography and encouraging words. When life is too much, too busy, too anything, sit back and relax with this blessings movie!

May You Be Bleesed
May lack and struggle only serve to make you stronger
May every pathway you choose lead to which is pure and good and lovely
May you always feel you protacted and cardled in the arms of God
May you always have music and laughter
May you be blessed and may others be blessed by you

This is My Heartfelt wish For You :) ((f))