my friends

you’re the
friend I know I can act like a complete idiot
with and No matter what will stand there laughing with me.
you’re the friend that I can get completely mad
and then having u stand there with a funny face completely ignoring the fact
that I’m mad at you, and just burst out laughing .
you’re the friend that I can trust with

there isn’t a thing in the world I would doubt telling you about cause I
trust u with my whole
you’re the friend that has been through times
me and we still come out standing strong.
you’re the friend that I would run to if in
you’re the friend that has always tried 2 help me
and u know what? you’re the person that I consider my best friend

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  1. نجـ*مةNo Gravatar قال:

    To have a good friend is one of the highest delights of life


    Friends share each other’s gladness wipe each other tears



    It is a nice feeling when we have
    a real friend to share our happiness and sadness

    Thanks a lot for your effort. ALLAH bless you

  2. x-manNo Gravatar قال:

    Hey Farah, I’ve stepped into your interesting blog. I’ll be “3m mayyil” every now and then to throw something in the comment box, but don’t get angry if I throw garbage coz its my duty to speak in a straightforward manner.

    I liked this post, but I don’t prefer it to the Arabic idea you write – your Arabic language is richer in meaning. Though not bad to make a try.

    Good luck.

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